Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy Shopping. Easy Returns.

Shopping online is great....with one huge exception.....
do you ever really know what you are buying until it is in your hands?
Pictures can be very deceiving and. let's face it, the description of the article is really just the seller's best choice of words to try and get you to buy it. Of course, buying ends up being a huge gamble, and not a very great way to save money!

Shopping ri-VYOO is different.
We stand behind all of our items 100% and our customers' satisfaction is one of our primary focuses. No sale is ever final.
We touch base with all of our customers to ensure that the items that they have purchased have worked out well for them and offer a refund if the items were not suitable in any way.
There is also never any pressure to purchase!
We welcome any customer to come by and see their chosen item in person. If the item isn't what they had expected they are absolutely not expected to make the purchase.
At ri-VYOO we know that the Retailer/Customer relationship is very volatile and always do what we can to ensure that we will see our customers again! :)

A good deal or a gamble? Never a question when you shop at ri-VYOO!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's ri-VYOO Outift

Little boys....now there is a bad investment for your clothing dollars!
Who knew a wardrobe could go through so many disasters, both natural and otherwise!?
On our home front, our little guy has done damage with everything from permanent marker and scissors, to the more expected fight with spaghetti sauce and the visit across the sidewalk via jean covered knees. Regardless, these things happen and parents have to hope that by the end of the season there are at least a few items in the drawer that are incident -free!
Or....you could shop at ri-VYOO!
Although you may still be upset that a favorite T-shirt is now destined for rags, you can take comfort in the fact that the cost was only $3.00. Now that is the kind of price that most don't mind taking a gamble on!

Monday's ri-VYOO Outfit
Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $3.00
Jeans - $8.00
Hat - $2.00
Total outfit cost - $13.00

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How much do you make when you sell your clothes???

So we've talked this week about how much money you can save by shopping at ri-VYOO.
Now let's talk about how much money you can make!

At ri-VYOO we acquire our inventory by buying from our customers. We pay 50% of our selling price which is based on our flat rate prices. Prices are not subjective at ri-VYOO, but are set so there is no guessing.

But what does this actually mean for you, the selling customer?

Well, that's simple! :) How much do you normally expect to walk away with when you sell items? $20 for a huge pile? Sound about right? Have a look at the pile in the picture. What's it worth? There are 9 items.....maybe $8.00?

This customer walked away with $31.00 in her pocket!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's ri-VYOO Outfit

It's Friday!
The most aniticpated day of the week!
There is no more appropriate day for a funky outfit, just to put the icing on the cake for the arrival of the end of the work and school week!

It's always great to put those funky seperates into something with a little more edge! :) That's just what we did for Friday's outfit.

Friday's ri-VYOO Outfit:

Cropped Sweater - $5.00

Long Sleeve T - $3.00

Skinny Jeans - $8.00

Total cost for today's outfit: $16.00

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday's ri-VYOO Outfit

Dressing girls can be a bit trickier than dressing boys. Maybe it's just the sample set that I have to work with, but there just seems to be so much, well.....choice! With boys it's pick a shirt (dressy or casual) and pick some pants (dress or casual) and that's it. Girls are a whole other ballgame!!!! Our ri-VYOO outfit today focuses on a school-girl formal look. Sooooooo cute :) It's also great how many ways the individual pieces can be worn. More about versatility another time......

Thursday's ri-VYOO Outfit:

Blazer - $6.00

Blouse - $4.00

Shirt - $6.00

Total cost $16.00

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday's ri-VYOO Outifit

You don't get much cuter than this....the outfit, of course! Have you ever been out shopping and saw the cutest, but maybe not the most practical, outfit and just had to have it! You knew it would suit your child to a "T", and then you checked the price tag and reality came falling back down around you. It's fun to spoil your child with a indulgent clothing purchase, but even better when it doesn't cost you a fortune. Here's today's ri-VYOO outfit. Jumpers and pom-pom'ed sweaters may not be the first purchase for everyone, but how could you not at these prices?

Wednesday's ri-VYOO Outfit:

Sweater - $6.00
Jumper - $6.00
Long Sleeve T - $3.00
Total outfit cost $15.00

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's ri-VYOO Outift

So how much do you normally pay for a pair of jeans for your little one? How does $8.00 sound? All pants at ri-VYOO are only $8.00. How can you go wrong?
Here's our outfit for Tuesday:
Jeans - $8.00
Long Sleeve Fooler T - $3.00
Total cost $11.00

Monday's ri-VYOO Outfit

Don't we all love to save money? Especially when costs seem to be rising everywhere, it's really cool when you can find the opportunity to save. But, not all of us want to look like we are wearing "recycled" clothes. Finding used clothing in great condition takes time and some work, unless you shop ri-VYOO! We save you time and money and make your kids look like you've spent much more!!!

Each day we are going to feature some ri-VYOO clothes in action.
Here is Monday's outfit:
Blazer - $6
Dress - $5
Leggings - $3
$14 total....and many many compliments on the first day of school :)

Let's Tweet! :)

Here we go.....our attempt at linking everything all together! :)