Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy Shopping. Easy Returns.

Shopping online is great....with one huge exception.....
do you ever really know what you are buying until it is in your hands?
Pictures can be very deceiving and. let's face it, the description of the article is really just the seller's best choice of words to try and get you to buy it. Of course, buying ends up being a huge gamble, and not a very great way to save money!

Shopping ri-VYOO is different.
We stand behind all of our items 100% and our customers' satisfaction is one of our primary focuses. No sale is ever final.
We touch base with all of our customers to ensure that the items that they have purchased have worked out well for them and offer a refund if the items were not suitable in any way.
There is also never any pressure to purchase!
We welcome any customer to come by and see their chosen item in person. If the item isn't what they had expected they are absolutely not expected to make the purchase.
At ri-VYOO we know that the Retailer/Customer relationship is very volatile and always do what we can to ensure that we will see our customers again! :)

A good deal or a gamble? Never a question when you shop at ri-VYOO!

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