Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's ri-VYOO Outift

Little there is a bad investment for your clothing dollars!
Who knew a wardrobe could go through so many disasters, both natural and otherwise!?
On our home front, our little guy has done damage with everything from permanent marker and scissors, to the more expected fight with spaghetti sauce and the visit across the sidewalk via jean covered knees. Regardless, these things happen and parents have to hope that by the end of the season there are at least a few items in the drawer that are incident -free! could shop at ri-VYOO!
Although you may still be upset that a favorite T-shirt is now destined for rags, you can take comfort in the fact that the cost was only $3.00. Now that is the kind of price that most don't mind taking a gamble on!

Monday's ri-VYOO Outfit
Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $3.00
Jeans - $8.00
Hat - $2.00
Total outfit cost - $13.00

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