Monday, October 4, 2010

Brrrrr! It's cold out there!

Does it seem like the temperature just dropped like a lead weight?
This morning's heavy frost and 2 degree temperature had us scurrying around for warmer clothes. We stopped just short of mitts and toques! I'm sure we weren't the only ones.
Stores everywhere will be filled today with Mom's hunting for the best outerwear at the best prices......with hopefully accessories to match. It's an expensive venture that apparently we can't put off any longer. Can you picture it? All of the crowds, the stress, the cranky kids that had to be dragged reluctantly along......

Or you could just shop ri-VYOO.

Grab a coffee and a cozy sweater and look through everything online while your kids enjoy some time with their favorite toys. Can't get much better than that. Oh, except our prices. All light jackets (like the one pictured above) are $6.00, insulated coats are $10.00 and snow pants just $5.00. How can you go wrong

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