Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saving Not Just the Environment

Yesterday's Blog touched on the importance of living "green".  How it benefits everyone at some level.  It can make you feel good morally and help in your pocketbook.  But many of these resources that "environmentally-friendly" focus on are limited resources.  Resources that we need to manage our use of as to not deplete them.

As families grow from 1 to many children, and the calendar fills up with all the activies that everyone in the family is part of, it becomes very apparent that there is a resource that is stretched even more so than a dollar. 

Time is a non-renewable resource.  With the many things that we Canadians choose to cram into a day, many of us are looking to find ways to maximize our measly 24 hours each day.  Shopping online has helped this, especially in an area like Barrie, where everything is so spread out geographically.  With the children's clothing stores spread all over town, looking for that special item can easily absorb your morning while you go from store to store.  It is a huge time saver when you can look online to see  if we have what you need, comment on it. A quick stop on your way to complete your other errands and the rest of the morning is yours. 
We have had many customers tell us that they appreciate how easy shopping online with us is.  Adriana was kind to share her ri-VYOO shopping experience with us to post on our Blog.  Here is what she had to say:

I have had the pleasure of experiencing ri-vyoo as both a customer and through selling my children's previously enjoyed clothing. I must say that both experiences have been quick, easy and enjoyable! With two children of different genders, there is no opportunity for re-using clothing within this household so much of my son's clothing ends up stored in bins with no future use in sight! As well, purchasing an entire wardrobe for my new daughter, although a lot of fun, can get to be expensive! My first experience with ri-vyoo was when I jumped onto facebook one day and a beautiful white coat called out to me! It was so sweet I just had to have it! Then looking at the price, I just couldn't believe my eyes...there was really no reason not to buy right then and there. Having had limited on-line shopping experience, this process was somewhat foreign to me but I found it to be so easy and satisfying! Upon receiving my first package I noticed that it looked pretty, just as it would after having lugged kids to a specialty shop but without the hassle, and the coat was in perfect condition. I would never have know that it had been previously enjoyed by another sweet little girl :) I was hooked. Then, going through my son's closet, came across the opportunity to re-use some of his previous costumes which, of course, had only been worn once! The sales experience was also quick and efficient. I ended up feeling really good about not having to store bulky costumes, knowing that another child could be just as excited to wear them as my son had been, and to make a little cash as well! Overall, I would definitely shop with ri-vyoo again and would recommend them to anyone with children.

Adriana :)

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