Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Maryann!

For those of you who haven't shopped ri-VYOO yet may find today's post reassuring. Although there is more than one person behind ri-VYOO, almost all of the customer interaction is done by me, Maryann.
Buying online, as mentioned in a previous blog, can seem a little bit intimidating, but the more you know and understand what to expect, the more comfortable the whole process is. :)
I am a mom of 3 children under 7 years old and am 100% passionate about customer service and bringing value into our customers' ri-VYOO experiences. I bring over 20 years of retail and business experience to ri-VYOO and am focused on finding ways for both our family and others to save money.
I love ri-VYOO personally for 2 reasons:
1) I love shopping online rather than driving around going from store to store to find what I am looking for and
2) With 3 children to dress ri-VYOO makes a lot of financial sense for us, both for buying and for recycling outgrown items.
My background is in fashion and I love to dress both myself and my children stylishly and find satisfaction in receiving compliments on how my kids are always dressed so great.....especially since I know that their great wardrobes didn't compromise their future university savings! LOL!

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