Monday, October 11, 2010

Things to Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
What a wonderful busy week!
Here at ri-VYOO, we have been working hard on improvements to our laundry area and facilities and our foyer. As you may already know, all of our inventory is freshly laundered before it is catalogued and stored. The great thing about this is that all of our items are clean and ready to use when they are purchased! The bad thing about this is that it wore out the old washer and dryer!!
As the finishing touches are completed, we are very thankful to have all of the work of creating a more efficient area over with and also to have had the opportunity to need to make these improvements because of all of our wonderful ri-VYOO customers. ri-VYOO's focus as always been to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with recycled products and packaging, and biodegradable detergents. We are excited to now be able to use less energy and water in this process, as well.

At the foundation of any business is it's customers. Without these customers, no business can stay standing. We are very thankful for our customers....people who are willing to shop "outside of the store" and support local independant retailers. Karen recently shared her experience of shopping ri-VYOO. Here is what Karen had to say:
"I picked up from ri-VYOO and was greeted with a smile, while my products were packaged neatly in tissue paper and packaged in a pretty bag - a very pleasant shopping experience."
Thank you so much for sharing Karen! We are happy to share a $15 Gift Certificate with you.
Enjoy the day everyone! We all have so much to celebrate on this wonderful holiday!

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