Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Technology for Trendy Tots!

Isn't technology great.....when it works?

As we experience Facebook problems today, it brings to our attention how quickly we become thrown off-kilter when the gadgets that we use everyday don't work.   The Internet and Facebook are the fulcrum of our business.  We are all able to shop without stepping into an actual store because of these things and are very well aware of how our computer can save us time and money.  Who would have ever thought that Facebook could have helped us keep our kid's dressed in cool trendy clothes, while saving stresses on us? 

It really is truly incredible!!!

But, these systems are only great when they work.  Although the interfaces of such applications like Facebook and Twitter may seem stationary and unchanging, there are continuous small changes going on where we can't see them, until they interfere with how we do things!  No one complains when changes to these things are seamlessly implemented or just better our experience.  As soon as there is a learning curve though, the reaction changes!!!
Hopefully, that is what is happening today on Facebook.  We are unable to see the comments that you have made on our items.  This leaves us a  bit of a void.... unable to contact our customers or see if there are questions to answer.  We have our fingers crossed that this just a short-term problem. In the meantime, I guess we need to make some changes too and  back to work behind the scenes on 's ecomm store.  :)

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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