Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saving our Resources

We all know the importance of saving our resources.
It is emphasized everywhere, as we are encouraged to bring our own bags, turn off lights and get out of our cars and onto our feet. We are aware of the importance of saving our globe's energy and environment.
From our prospective, there are at least 2 great thing about being "green"....
The first is that making small changes in our own household impacts not only on our neighbours, but also at some point becomes global and generational. If we all do it, it becomes the way that we all live and benefits us now and our children's children. Again, something that we have all heard.
The second one, is that being "green" in a simple sense saves money. That may sound like an oxy-moron if you have ever considered alternative energy or heating sources like wind or solar power, as the prices for those commodities still make them premium items. But, if you consider "green" actions such as buying and recycling used clothing, there is only opportunity to save plenty of money.
ri-VYOO's blog back in September touched on this opportunity to save money. It is very possible to decrease your clothing budget and increase your children's wardrobe! Consider selling the items to ri-VYOO that won't fit any longer instead of throwing them out or storing them with all of the other bins in the basement. This puts money in your wallet and less in the landfill. Buying used clothing is also "green". It makes you feel great about increasing the life of the garment, reduces the carbon footprint of yourself and the item....oh, and saves you some serious coin!!!
Now that is saving our resources at it's best!!!

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