Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it Snow!!!

Welcome to our winter wonderland!!!
For some of us this snow has come far too early and for others we just got too much of it!  But for me, I think it is perfect!
Don't get me wrong.....I am the furthest thing from a winter lover but all of the dreary dark days that we have had since October has me ready for a change!
The drop in temperature has caused a rise in spirit around here!  A little bit of snow has given new excitement to the boring backyard as my children have been extastic about getting out to play.  The Christmas decorations look as they should now, with a sprinkling (or dumping, depending on where you live!) of the white stuff.  Singing carols seem timely now and putting on all those layers seems worth it!

To start ri-VYOO's Christmas season we would like to share with you what to expect when you come to ri-VYOO.  As mentioned, everything looks a little nicer with the fresh snow, so it was a perfect day for a picture. :)

We are known to some as "the place with the red door" and if you haven't been here, now you know why! :)

So, since we can't make the white stuff go away, let's try to embrace it and all of the fun things that it brings with it.
As families with children, snow is full of fun and wonder and magic..... enjoy squinting in the snowy brightness today! 

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