Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take the Good with the Bad....

We have spoken so many times about how positive feedback from customers fuels ri-VYOO.  Happy customers are the focus, for all aspects of our business.  We focus on great products and prices, as well as exceptional customer service.
Customer service for us goes past the sale.  We strive to be flexible for pick-ups, offer free delivery and refunds on all of our items.  Each one of our customers is very important to us, and we try to be compassionate when life gets in the way for someone who was planning to come by and pick up their order.

We think that these features are appreciated by our customers, especially since there aren't very many places that we shop at that we get that kind of experience.

Part of business ownership is also facing unhappy customers; customers who are disappointed with our product or service.  One of the chances we take when following up with customers is that they may have hated anything or everything about ri-VYOO!!  Although difficult to hear, it is also our last chance to reverse the dissatisfaction and instead of losing a customer, make this customer very happy once again.

We have had that situation today.... an unhappy customer and therefore an unhappy business owner. 

As time goes on, I am sure that simple statistics would say that we will face more unhappy customers.  But we hope that all of our customers, both new and long term, understand that our policies are not in place to anger anyone.  Our policies are there to ensure a (hopefully) mistake-proof system and a better experience for all. 

I am sure that time will also see our policies change and evolve... hopefully fine tuning a great little retail concept into an outstanding one. 

Thank you all for coming along for the ride. :)

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