Monday, November 15, 2010

275 = $25!!!

Math at ri-VYOO rocks!  At least we like to think so!
So here is the number that we are working towards right now: 275.  275 is the number of fans that we are so excited about that we have turned it into a contest.  Our 275th fan will get a $25 Gift Certificate to shop at ri-VYOO....and so does the person that referred them!
Pretty exciting!!!!
But let's go back to math for a moment.  What exactly can $25 get you anyway? A hoody and a T?  Maybe some jeans?  We thought that we should give you some ideas of how far $25 gets you with ri-VYOO....

Jeans, denim skirt, knit sweater and 2 long sleeve T's ($26.00 total)

3 great outfits for the holidays: velvet pants, 2 skirts and 2 long sleeve T's ($26.00 total)

A whole bunch of comfy clothes: yoga pants, fleece sweater, knit sweater and 3 long sleeve T's ($26.00 total)

Or a whole matching wardrobe, complete with winter Jacket! ($25 total)

Now that is what we call great math!!!

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