Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What the heck is ri-VYOO and how the heck do you say it!?!

ri-VYOO.....what a weird name!
We have had countless people ask us how the name of our business is pronounced and where we came up with it. Once we fill them in, the next question is "Why the heck did we spell it so strangely?" 
For those of you who are puzzled by the same questions, this blog's for you!
You may or may not have seen the mini-contest that we held yesterday.  We thought that it would be fun to see if the desired message that our name is meant to send is reaching our customers.  We got some fabulous responses....ones that truly made us smile!
Here they are:
  • It's pronounced review :) Reviewsic [ri-vyoo-zik] - I googled it! LOL
  • I second that.... Pronounced like review, meaning to give it another look!
  • pronounced "review" means to take a 2nd look.
  • it's pronounced exactly as it's spelled ... to me, it means a super convenient, highly affordable and great quality source for kids clothes ... I regularly "take a 2nd look" at the albums ... and a 3rd ... 4th ... ;)
  • a formal or official examination  REVIEW :)
  • Review...the way to dress your children so they look fantastic and your hubby doesn't cringe at the receipt! :)
Talk about being bang on! 
Our name ri-VYOO is based on the phonetic spelling of the word, being written how you pronounce it. "Review" is such a blah, unexciting word that we thought that we needed something a little more memorable!!  The idea behind the name "review" is twofold.  Firstly, it is based on the idea that our inventory is getting "reviewed" a second time.  We thought that it was really just a little nicer than saying recycled or used.  The second is our "invitation" to shop at your leisure and come back as often as you would like to "review" our ever changing inventory.  It was really awesome to see that you guys had it figured out!!!

So.....now onto choosing a winner.....
We wrote down everyone's name,

put them all into a hat (a fedora, 'cuz ri-VYOO customers are so cool!),

had a little help from a little person,

drew the winner name,

And all that's left to do is congratulate Chantal!

That was lots of fun! 
Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of our customers and fans!

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