Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We did it!
You, more correctly, YOU did it! 
Thank you to all of our wonderful fans in getting us up to 276 fans (at last check) on our facebook page
We haven't been working very hard on the marketing end of things at ri-VYOO so far.  Most of our customers have come from referrals.  I'm sure you all know our strong feelings on word of mouth advertising. :)  So, although most businesses put marketing at the fore front of their launch, we haven't.  We have focused on building a diverse inventory, streamlining our processes and working on achieving our mission statement and intended image. 
After months and months of working on these things it is really wonderful to get out there and make some in roads with meeting so many new customers!  It is so amazing when a new customer takes that chance to reach out and contact us.  Many times, they really have little understanding of how we do things around here.  Trying out any new store is always like that.  Have you ever just wanted to go into some cute little store, but find that you are a bit nervous about it?  If you do go inside and it's only you and the shopkeeper in the store that can be even more awkward!  All I can say is "Been there, done that!"  (actually, I am very guilty of trying to avoid that situation).  Since we understanding this feeling, it's so important to make every ri-VYOO customer feel completely comfortable when they call, email or come by.  So take the chance!  Have a question?  Go ahead and ask it!!! 
Are you skimming through to find out the winner's of our contest?  Should I blab on a bit more?
ri-VYOO would like to thank all of all of you for putting the word out about us. 
We would also like to congratulate James for referring Tiffanie to us. 
We are so happy to give them each a $25 Gift Certificate!

Let's do this again....
$10.00 Gift Certificates to fans 280 and 290....oh and to the person that refers them!

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